11.01.2015 Von: Andreas Klippe

These 5 questions make you a winner.

Why German companies are more successful in Asia

Hanoi/Bangkok - German economy is the backbone of the European economy. The "German Mittelstand" is the backbone of the German economy. so, what is the secret about these German companies? 

The "German Mittelstand" is the German expression for the German SMEs, the Smaller and Middle Sized enterprises. These SMEs are the backbone of the German economy and include companies up to 250 employees and an annual sales volume of 50 million Euro.

The target of the German government is to support these companies to become more successful abroad, especially in Southeast Asia.

These activities alone are not the key to become successful. It is rather the detailed preparation before a decision is taken. Only with a fundamental research, the knowledge of experts who know better the situation in the target region, and a serious discussion and consultation at home - in Germany - these compnies become more successful.

But at the end only one thing is decisive: The head of the investing company must have a vision about the markets and their future development. The entrepreneurial behaviour is the gasoline for the engine. And there are still of lot of successful entrepreneurs in German. Round about 85% of the German companies are managed by their owners.

Every owner or General Manager must ask three questions:


  1. Is Asia the biggest growing market on earth?
  2. Will there be a market in Asia for my products?
  3. Is ASEAN with its 10 member countries and 600 million inhabitants important for me?
  4. What will happen in the other markets and in my "home market" if I do not invest in this region?
  5. What will be the situation in 5 years and in 10 years?

The decision whether a company becomes successful or not in Asia starts with a fundamental research at home. The final question always is: "How do I find customers in Southeast Asia?"