Asia Seminars 2016

The DR. KLIPPE Asia seminars offer excellent business advantages.

et more at Trainings

Is it worthwhile
doing business abroad?

Huge markets for small and medium-sized
enterprises (SME). Why size isn't everything.

Are you exploiting the opportunities in Asia?

The Asian market is the growth market
of the future. What the advantages are now for you from your "1st step".

China or India?

Why there are good reasons for choosing


Reduce costs and boost sales in SOUTH EAST ASIA!

How to organize your sales operations successfully in SOUTH EAST ASIA.




The stony way to Asia


Why always China?


India, Southeast-Asia, China

Where shall a European investor go?


These 5 questions make you a winner.

Why German companies are more successful in Asia

Renewable Energy

How to cover the energy demand in the 10 ASEAN countries

We bring European technology to the market in SOUTH EAST ASIA.


Food and Packaging Industry in the ASEAN region

Hw you can participate at the growing market in South East Asia.


We open doors for you in Asia!

To the 10 ASEAN countries:

Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

1) We consult.

2) We coach.

3) We accompany to Asia.


Your Business relationship with SOUTHEAST ASIA.

  1. Your Asia Concept
    Market development, Sales,
    Manufacturing, Joint Venture, Business Process Outsourcing

  2. Your Asia Support
    Business Culture & Communication,
    Local Support, Marketing & Sales, Trouble-Shooting